Everybody has different ways of learning and it is important for any tutor to recognise this.  To this end I endevour to understand what approach works best for the individual and taylor lessons and the approach accordingly.

Playing an instrument and learning about music can feel quite daunting at times. Music can be enjoyed at many different levels from students who wish to enjoy playing tunes for their own enjoyment to those considering a professinal career in music. From a teaching perspective I aim to make lessons appropriate to a student's ambitions.

My approach to teaching is relaxed, informal and will always be at the pace that students feel comfortable with.

Musc can be a wonderful social and collaborative experience and by playing alongside my students I endevour to develop those skills and prepare studens to dip thier toes in the world of performance.

Student recordings will be made to track  progress and as a way of providing feedback and analysis. 


The acoustic guitar is a great instrument and can be played in many different styles.  All styles require a solid foundation of technique and appropriate theory also goes a long way.

Depending on requirements, lessons will include:-

  • Music reading (Stave)
  • Tab reading
  • FIngerpicking
  • Flat picking
  • Song accompaniment
  • Instrumental playing
  • Appropriate music theory
  • Recording for feedback purposes


The Bluegrass Banjo - 5 string banjo played with finger picks, can to the beginner seem like a complex beast.

The reality is that like any instrument, development is built on solid foundational techniques. Once these are demonstrated and practiced rapid progress can made and melodies and rhythmic accompaniment will soon be blended together.

Lessons will cover the following:-

  • Reading TAB
  • Scruggs Style Picking
  • Melodic Style Picking
  • Intros and Outros
  • Backup (accompaniment)
  • Appropriate Music Theory
  • Recording for feedback purposes

Mandolin and Tenor Banjo

Outwardly, the mandolin and tenor banjo appear to be very different instruments. However, they can both share the same tuning, G D A E,  both are played with a pick and both can be used to perform traditional tunes from the British Isles.

Although I have played tenor banjo in various Ceilidh bands, the tenor banjo and mandolin, are not instruments that I play regularly. However, if anyone is interested in learning to play the tenor banjo or mandolin I am more than happy to help you take your first steps...

Lessons will cover the following:-

  • Reading TAB
  • Reading music (stave)
  • Posture and technique
  • Celtic tunes
  • Chords
  • Appropriate Music Theory
  • Recording for feedback purposes

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