Roy Johnson Music


February 2014

"Roy has been teaching our 7 year old son to play the classical guitar for only 5 months now. However he has made great progress. He is reading music and learning correct fingering techniques. Mum or Dad sit in on the lesson so that we understand what our son is doing. Dad plays along too. He has recorded a couple of tunes being played by our son and has emailed it to us to listen at home. He tailors the lesson to suit his ability and interests.

Melissa Morton"

October 2013

"As a mid 70's year old with absolutely no previous music knowledge or skills it was with some trepidation that I started banjo and guitar lessons with Roy. My trepidation was misplaced. Roy is very professional, well organised , highly committed to his students and really does structure his lessons at the right level week in week out. He is very skilled at moving you beyond your "comfort zone" and I found myself achieving things I could never have imagined when I started with Roy. My Grandson is also taught by Roy. His progress is remarkable even for a 12 year old. I recommend Roy with absolute confidence. Go for it. I have!

Doug Hardaker "

January 2012

"From a standing start, Roy has helped me progress into a confident acoustic guitar player. I have been learning as a beginner for 3 months and Roy �s professionalism has helped me progress and exceed my expectations regarding my abilities in guitar playing. Roy lesson�s are extremely enjoyable and I particularly love how he tailors them to my interests in contemporary music by preparing requested sheet�s of music, suitable for my capability. Roy focuses on my main target in being able to song write and as well learning my favourite pieces of music he is teaching me sight reading, theory and chord progressions to compliment my aspirations. His teaching methods are excellent and he helps me learn with ease, I particularly like his unique motivational technique of audio recording my guitar playing, which highlights my progress. I would highly recommend Roy to anyone wishing to learn guitar.

Louisa Vaughan  "

January 2012

"I have had 5-6 tenor banjo lessons with Roy Johnson and I find that his methods of teaching suit me very well. Lessons are thoughtfully structured to help me progress and they are also fun. Roy employs a variety of approaches to learning and he gives excellent support to encourage home practice, including targeted exercises, audio recordings of guitar accompaniments and student playing to compare my progress over time. After trying to teach myself from a book for more a year I feel that I have made considerable improvements in fingering technique, fluency and musicality in just a few months of Roy�s tuition. I would highly recommend Roy as a music teacher.

Liz Murphy  "