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Student Performance Day Success

Like to say a huge thank you to everyone who came and performed - a great mix of different guitar and banjo styles  Head to the Media page for some sample performance videos

A few quotes...


"Just fumbled my way through my first solo performance...Looking forward to seeing my fellow students next year"


"Just wanted to tell you how good yesterday was, you did yourself proud again, it was a brilliant 'do'

The youngsters stole the show, as they should, that's because of you, so give yourself a pat on the back."

Nina and Leon

"Leon and I just wanted to email to say Thank you for inviting us all to yesterday's performance day. We all very much enjoyed it. We thought everyone did exceptionally well and we hope that maybe next year Ollie will be at a standard to hopefully want to perform!"

Roy Johnson Music Guitar Sales

I have started to stock, Mayson and Layke Acoustic,  Salvador Cortez classical guitars. Anything in a range that I do not have in stock I can usually order for you to try within a week or so.

Please feel free to make an appointment or contact me for further details.

I also have a selection of strings, capos, tuners etc in stock.

Student Performance Day - 21st June 2014

The annual student performance day this year will be on Saturday 21st June from 14:00. Anyone who has not yet put there name down to perform please let me know if you wish to do so. Non students are welcome to come along if they are interested. Please check with me first regarding availability

Guitar and Banjo Group Session

This group provides the opportunity to:-

meet other musicians

  • play in a collaborative / group environment

  • learn new songs and musical styles

  • play and sing together (singing optional!)

  • develop arrangements

  • play melody, solo and backing parts

  • work towards a live performance

Session Dates

Saturday 14th June 15:30 to 17:30

Saturday 12th July  15:30 to 17:30

�15 per 2 hour session

Paco Seco & Brett C Barrett's Anniversary Concert                          

Classical / Spanish Guitar

Tickets �10

Holy Trinity Church, Skipton, Sunday 13th July, 8:00pm

Also in memory of Granville & Mary E Barrett

Plus Luthier showcase

SeeBarrett Classical Guitarsfor more details