Banjo Tuition

Irish Tenor and Bluegrass Banjo Tuition

Irish Banjo Lessons

My Irish Tenor Banjo lessons (played with a plectrum) are aimed at begginers and improvers who are interested in playing traditional dance and session tunes, either  for their own entertainment, or to play in a ceilidh or session environment. The objective of these lessons is to

·         Develop an understanding of Irish, Scottish and English traditional music

·         Understand rhythms associated with different types of tunes

·         Develop a good technique

·         Learn  some popular ceilidh and session tunes

·         Practice playing to live guitar accompaniment

·         Develop reading and playing by ear

The focus of these lessons really is to get your feet tapping and this is achieved by playing appropriate tunes, with the correct rhythm, good phrasing and playing sympathetically with other musicians.

Check out the Resources page for a couple of slow tempo backing tracks I recorded for students.

Bluegrass Banjo Lessons

My Bluegrass Banjo lessons are aimed at getting students started with the Bluegrass Banjo. Beginners who try to self-teach are often put off by the complexity of different styles (Scruggs vs Melodic), the use of rolls, and difficulties with finger picks. Scruggs style banjo uses right hand rolls, similar to arpeggios, which help to provide an 'approximated' melody along with accompanying notes. Melodic style is a style that 'mirrors' fiddle tunes in that it produces an accurate melodic line but fewer accompanying notes. Rhythm or 'pulse' is another that can cause problems, in that the two styles differ as to where the 'pulse' occurs.

I can help with these issues by providing tabs, recordings produced by me that help students to hear what they are trying to reproduce, and by recording students to provide feedback as a means of 'self assessment'.

Please feel free to contact me about any of the above and to arrange a free introductory session.